Welcome to the Ironer Safety Program

be safe

Are you a new employee to the laundry Industry? or currently operating an ironer?

If you have answered yes to one or both of these questions then; this program is for you.

Step 1   -   the Learning Website

On the left hand side of this site there are a series of topics about Ironer Safety. Please start at the top and continue down until all topics have been completed.

Step 2   -   the Movie

There is a movie for each topic. The Emergency Stop button is highlighted throughout the movie and needs to be clicked as required. Upon successful completion, a large tick will appear.

You can move on to the next topic at the end of each scene by clicking on the arrow at the bottom. At anytime you can replay the movie by clicking on the replay button.

Step 3   -   the Quiz

This is a self marking quiz. A Parchment can be printed out at the end if the student successfully completes the quiz.

View the website in a different language.

If you would like to see the website in a different language, please click on one of the flags below. Internet connection is needed for this service.